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Picking an Instrument for a Young Child

Starting music lessons at an early age has many lifelong benefits, such as development of the brain, languages, motor skills, and much more! Choosing the right instrument is a crucial first step to musical success. Being open minded to the following factors will help you choose the right instrument.

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Choosing Your First Guitar

Picking out the perfect guitar can be difficult for beginner students. We are often asked questions like, “What type of guitar should I purchase?” or “What should I look for in a good guitar?” Here are some important steps to consider when choosing your first guitar.

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Our Instructor Kate

Kate began learning music as a listener and spectator at very young age. Her father was a musician and was the first to expose her to her passion- music. Kate is both a vocalist and a pianist, but initially began taking voice lessons.  She was introduced to the piano when she was 14 years old and would babysit her next door neighbors. They had a piano in their home, which she would play on with the kids every time she was there. She bought her own electric piano with her babysitting money and then immediately starting taking piano lessons. Kate’s passion for music education took her a long way, as she got her degree in music from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia and now performs, composes music, and teaches!

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Using the Link Between Music and Memory for Learning

Music and Memory

Have you ever listened to a song that reminded you of a past event in your life?

For example, listening to “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)” by Green Day reminds me of my high school graduation. This is called a ‘reminiscence bump’. There are many new psychological studies that show a correlation between music and memory. Knowing this information can give us insight on ways we can improve methods of learning. Here are two recent findings that support the correlation between music and memory.

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Samantha – Instructor of the Month

Samantha Blog Post Photo

We had such a blast interviewing this month’s “Instructor of the Month”, Samantha Aurelio. Specializing in singing and songwriting, Samantha is an outstanding instructor and performer. While seeing multiple students each week, she has managed to make time to work on Stepping Stones, her second EP album that was released April 4.

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music lessons

5 Valuable Life Skills from Music

Five Valuable

Studies have shown that music education can be very beneficial for child development, especially because music is universal and very fun to learn! So why not take advantage of this amazing tool? Children who pick up an instrument develop skills that will help them far beyond reading sheet music.

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Anthony – Instructor of the Month

Piano InstructorOur students get the joy of seeing their talented music instructors weekly and lessons are focused on their progress and what we can do to help them improve as musicians. RMA has amazingly gifted students, and we strive to let each and every one of them shine. We sometimes forget that behind our shining stars are incredible instructors who do a wonderful job in teaching, inspiring, and guiding our students. Here at RMA, we are extremely proud of our instructors and would like to feature an “Instructor of the Month”.

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Royal Music Academy

Best Music School in Los Angeles

Music School LA

Five Reasons to Go Royal

Looking for the best music school in Los Angeles? Look no further. The Royal Music Academy is here to give your child the royal treatment.

1. A Unique Approach

The Royal Music Academy transforms the experience of learning an instrument into a life-long passion for the arts. Specializing in at-home instruction, we have constructed a solid foundation that encompasses technique, ear training, composition, improvisation and versatile music genres. We focus on developing technical skills while encouraging students to explore their creativity.

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