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5 Valuable Life Skills from Music

Five Valuable

Studies have shown that music education can be very beneficial for child development, especially because music is universal and very fun to learn! So why not take advantage of this amazing tool? Children who pick up an instrument develop skills that will help them far beyond reading sheet music.

Here are five valuable life-skills that your child can develop from music education.

  1. Confidence. Children learn to take on challenges with courage. When learning piano, accepting the challenge of learning a new, difficult piece is commendable. One knows that they will have to put in a lot of effort and time to master a song. Performing in front of a teacher, family, friends or even strangers can be nerve-racking. It takes a lot of self confidence for a child to overcome the stress or anxiety that may surface with an upcoming recital.
  2. Patience. Children learn to adapt their expectations when having to learn a challenging piece. When having difficulty, instead of giving up right away, they realize they need to take small steps that may take them longer to accomplish their big goal of mastering the song. They learn that practice makes perfect.
  3. Ingenuity. Children develop creativity skills that can help them in all aspects of life. Being creative will help them to be more resourceful when facing a problem. Their overall dexterity will also improve. They won’t complain about being bored because they can always think of new ideas to have fun, like composing a new song!
  4. Determination. Children learn to stay focused to achieve the goals they set. Learning music takes a lot of good habits and self-discipline. It takes a lot of hard work to attain set goals. Setting big goals, like learning a new Mozart piece, motivates people to accomplish them.
  5. Critical Thinking. Children learn to follow notes, count beats, and play their instrument all at once. Looking at each note, measure, and phrase alone takes a lot of critical thinking to then have to play in such a way that will give life and soul to a song. Learning how to read music helps children excel in subjects like English because of the reading comprehension skills needed.