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Guitar Lessons Los Angeles

Guitar Lessons Los Angeles

Regardless of students’ preferences in learning styles and guitar composition, our guitar lessons provide a versatile and adaptive learning experience. The Royal Music Academy specializes in home-based lessons that include electric, acoustic, or various styles. Our lesson plan is centralized on improving the technical, artistic, and analytical skills of students.

The guitar is popular for students because of its associates with internationally renowned major rock, country, and pop singles. Our student-specific lessons develop the essential skills required for students to become adaptive to playing the guitar. They can learn the notes of the fret board, tuning the instrument, recognizing variations in rhythm and lead guitars, reading the TAB, and working with various strumming and finger style techniques.

Our guitar lessons in Los Angeles help students develop their creative side and be able to improvise with a number of popular songs. The in-home lesson plans cover multiple styles, including Rock, Blues, Jazz, Reggae, Latin, Pop, and Alternative.

The Royal Music Academy offers lesson plans that are specifically formulated for each individual student. Our home lessons partner students with the most appropriate and accommodating instructor. Lessons can be arranged using the online scheduling system at our website, or by contacting us at (310) 684-3131.



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