In-Home Music Lessons


Born and raised in Santa Monica, California, Francesca began studying classical piano at the young age of four. Loving the sound of the keys but wanting to learn more, at the age of nine, she had the opportunity to play an instrument in the school orchestra. At the age of eleven, Francesca’s step-dad bought her a banjo for her birthday. After learning some songs, she started singing and realized it would be fun to learn to play the guitar, too. From there, she played multiple instruments and  started writing her own music to sing to. As Francesca got older, her passion and fascination for music grew, so she decided to pursue a career in it.

In the fall of 2014, she started her journey at Berklee College of Music, studying Songwriting and Music Business. At Berklee, she met other students who were performance majors looking to form a band. With their help, she was able to record her first EP, “Reverie”, released fall 2017 and her second called, “Young Again,” released spring 2018. In addition to recording and performing, she also taught piano to various private students in Boston. 

Francesca moved back to Los Angeles after graduation and got a job working for the composer, Christophe Beck. In fall of 2019, Francesca suffered from some health issues, and while recovering, became interested in music therapy. She found a certificate program at Cal State Northridge, where she is now on the path to becoming a music therapist. 

In her free time, while working on her own music and playing gigs around the city, she also teaches students of all ages and backgrounds, specializing in teaching students with developmental disabilities. Francesca currently has open availability to teach from beginner to advanced piano and to intermediate guitar in the Greater Los Angeles area.