In-Home Music Lessons


Born in Kyiv, Ukraine, Olga started learning violin when she was eight years old. Little did she realize, it would become a huge part of her life. Olga attended a music college in Kyiv, and by the age of seventeen, she earned her Young Specialist Degree in Music. After graduating, Olga joined an orchestra in Poland that was coached by London Symphony Orchestra principles. She then had the opportunity to learn from different professors from many different European and Slavic schools.

Olga moved to the United States to begin her studies at Dixie State University in Utah, where she had been chosen to participate in the “I AM DIXIE” campaign. Olga’s commercial went national, and she was granted a music scholarship. Olga served as lead violinist in the Desert Rose Quartet, and after one of her performances, she was offered a full-ride sponsorship to complete her bachelor’s degree.

In 2018, Olga won the  “Entertainer of the Year” award from Dixie State University. After graduating with her Bachelor of Arts in Music, Olga was invited to join the Tuacahn Center of Arts, where she worked on Broadway musicals with musicians and actors from New York.

Olga is passionate about music and teaching. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and experiences, while also inspiring her students to gain love for music, especially for violin. She now has open availability for students in the Greater Los Angeles area.