In-Home Music Lessons


Born and raised in Santa Monica, California, Francesca began studying classical piano at the young age of four. Loving the sound of the keys but wanting to learn more, at the age of nine, she had the opportunity to play an instrument in the school orchestra. At the age of eleven, Francesca’s step-dad bought her a banjo for her birthday. After learning some songs, she started singing and realized it would be fun to learn to play the guitar, too. From there, she played multiple instruments and  started writing her own music to sing to. As Francesca got older, her passion and fascination for music grew, so she decided to pursue a career in it.

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Born in Pleasantville, New York, Lauren was born into a musical family and began playing classical piano at the age of five. Captivated by her passion for music, 12-year-old Lauren decided she wanted to learn how to play guitar. Throughout middle school and high school, she could be found learning whatever song was stuck in her head that week. She has explored a wide variety genres on guitar such as jazz, rock, pop, and country. Lauren also showed promise as a young singer. She went on to attend the Master’s School, studying vocal arts and performing whenever she had the chance. Afterwards, she headed to Frost School of Music, where she sang with the prestigious Jazz Vocal I Ensemble, even earning a Downbeat Award! She graduated in 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in Music Business and a minor in Songwriting.

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Ayal is a guitarist, composer and producer whose music has been featured in films, television shows such as Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules and ABC’s Modern Family, records and concerts by prestigious ensembles in both the U.S. and Israel. Since moving to Los Angeles, Ayal has performed in some of the city’s hottest venues, leading a funk-jazz trio and playing guitar and bass with other bands.

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