In-Home Music Lessons


luaraLaura is both a pianist and a harpist who has been classically trained for over nineteen years. For five years before her undergraduate studies, she attended the Pennsylvania Academy of Music under the tutelage of Drs. Daniel Lau and Xun Pan. In her last three years studying at the school, she enrolled in a certificate program, which consisted of collaborative studies, master-classes, music history, piano literature, and advanced theory classes. Following, Laura earned her BA in Piano Performance with a Harp Minor from the Greatbatch School of Music in New York. Laura has performed as an accompanist, soloist, and as a guest for numerous concerts and events, such as the Southern Tier Symphony Orchestra, and continues to perform while teaching.

Teaching has become as much of a passion for Laura as performing. She spent almost three years teaching at the Cary School of Music in North Carolina to over sixty students, ages 4-65. While Laura’s teaching curriculum maintains a strong classical foundation, she believes in using the theory and aural skills to delve into other musical styles, such as jazz, contemporary, and pop. Her main focus in teaching is to provide a solid, musical foundation, which excites and ignites a passion for music in each of her students.



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