In-Home Music Lessons

Music Lessons Los Angeles

Music Lessons Los Angeles

The Royal Music Academy offers programs that are flexible and accommodate students of all age ranges and skill levels. Our music lessons in Los Angeles are home-based and involve carefully matching students with the most suitable instructor. We provide singing, guitar, percussion, violin, piano, and songwriting lessons.

Students at The RMA can work with a group of highly experienced and qualified instructors, some of whom have extensive backgrounds in the industry. A majority of our instructors have either a Master’s degree or PhD in the field. Others have years of experience, including touring alongside renowned musical acts and groups. Some of them have even been nominated for a Grammy.

If you wish to have in-home music lessons provided by a highly dedicated and passionate teachers, our teaching schedule can be found online. We provide in-home instruction and match students with instructors that can provide a dynamic, comprehensive learning experience. Our teachers are passionate about their work and enjoy seeing the growth their students exhibit. All students, regardless of age structure and skill level, are welcome at The Royal Music Academy.

After graduating from our program, our students have continued on to achieve a 100% passing rate in Certificate of Merit testing and musical competitions. Some have even went on to win first place in competitions and shows.  In-home instruction can be arranged through our online scheduling system.



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