In-Home Music Lessons

Our Instructor Kate

Kate began learning music as a listener and spectator at very young age. Her father was a musician and was the first to expose her to her passion- music. Kate is both a vocalist and a pianist, but initially began taking voice lessons.  She was introduced to the piano when she was 14 years old and would babysit her next door neighbors. They had a piano in their home, which she would play on with the kids every time she was there. She bought her own electric piano with her babysitting money and then immediately starting taking piano lessons. Kate’s passion for music education took her a long way, as she got her degree in music from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia and now performs, composes music, and teaches!

She just released an EP this past spring and has several EPs available on iTunes and Spotify. A major project Kate has just completed is a film entitled, “The Body Knows”, which she starred in and scored herself! It was created last summer on the east coast with Brooklyn-based director Herman Jean-Noel. It is about the life of an artist in the 21st century economy, womanhood, and trauma. On September 9th at The Mint in Los Angeles, her film will be showcased among several films that center around women’s voices and their lived experiences. Besides teaching, she is currently working on composing music for sync licensing and occasionally has live performances.

Kate had the opportunity to work with the Kimmel Center of Performing Arts and Joe’s Public Theatre of NYC on a workshop show this past summer. She partnered up with artist Martha Stuckey to create a work of theatre, electronic and acoustic music that centers around her life as a performer/on stage. It plays with the idea of “being seen” and what that means for her own identity. Together, they composed a show over a two-week period and put together a workshop performance/talkback. Kate sat behind the piano for much of it and created a lot of electronic soundscapes and beats in Ableton. They are hoping to do more performances at the Fringe Fests later this year in Philadelphia and NYC.

Advice to her students: “Stay humble, have perseverance, and thank your lucky stars every day that you get to attempt to do something as wonderful as play an instrument, sing, or write a song! Also, remember to have fun!”