In-Home Music Lessons

Guitar Lessons Beverly Hills

Guitar lessons at The Royal Music Academy serve students with various stylistic and musical preferences. Students can choose to learn electric, acoustic, or both in a single lesson. Our approach places an emphasis on developing student’s technical and observational abilities.

The guitar is one of the most popular instruments to learn. Our individualized lessons teach students the essential skills required to adapt to the guitar. Students will learn the notes of the fret board, how to tune the instrument, learn the difference between rhythm and lead guitars, how to read guitar TAB, and experience with different strumming and finger style techniques.

Our guitar instructors provide students with creative skills in order to help them improvise and begin playing their favorite songs. Our lessons cover all the different styles, including Blues, Jazz, Rock, Reggae, Pop, Latin, and Alternative.

RMA provides personal lessons tailored exclusively for each individual student. We specialize in home lessons and match students with the most qualified instructor. You can set up private guitar lessons using our online scheduling system or by calling us at (310) 684-3131.