In-Home Music Lessons

Percussion Lessons Beverly Hills

Drums and percussion are not significantly different than banging on pots or pans with spoons.  Drum rhythms are among the oldest forms of music created by humans.  The Royal Music Academy works alongside qualified, talented, and even Grammy-nominated musicians who can teach the fundamentals of percussion.

The instructors at RMA demonstrate the creativity that goes into producing rhythms from drums, it is a more complex art than simply banging sticks on a snare. Students learn concepts such as posture and ergonomics.  These concepts matter because the quality of sounds a drummer produces is greatly influenced by how comfortable and loose they are.

At RMA, our percussion instructors specialize in teaching various instruments.  Our teachers introduce refined techniques and help students establish a comfort zone that can help them maximize their abilities on the drums. We provide percussion lessons to students around West Los Angeles, Hancock Park, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Echo Park, Glendale, Los Feliz, Burbank, and the Valley area.

If you have a passion for drums or seek to enhance your skills in this ancient instrument, you can schedule private lessons at your convenience at The Royal Music Academy.