In-Home Music Lessons

Piano Lessons Beverly Hills

The Royal Music Academy offers piano lessons that develop students’ potential, musical abilities, and maximize their talents.  Learning piano is one of the most recommended means of introducing students to music. It is a versatile instrument that can enhance musical knowledge and mold skills that are applicable for other instruments or types of music.

The Royal Music Academy provides flexible piano lessons personalized for the abilities and schedule of each student. Private lessons are available and each student is trained based on their unique goals and motivation. Learning to create music through the piano allows students to develop listening skills, note reading, rhythm, and musicianship.

For some students, early piano studies can eliminate the problems caused by an absence of fine motor skill development, which can impede upon the progress of learning music. The piano program creates immediate results – students can be able to play new songs and melodies each day and apply what they have learned to other forms of music. Through the piano, students develop a greater knowledge of the overall structure of music theory.

If you are looking to enroll yourself or a prospective student to an engaging and creative piano learning experience, The Royal Music Academy offers the right lessons and teachers.