In-Home Music Lessons

Voice Lessons Beverly Hills

All singing lessons are provided in a highly creative and supportive environment. Our approach to vocal training covers physical and cognitive awareness as well developing a base for musical and vocal technique. At The Royal Music Academy, our goal is to help students achieve their goals and find the creative expression that releases their true singing voice.

Our singing lessons cover tone, pitch, breath control, intonation, emphasis, volume, voice quality, posture, and relaxation. We help students improve awareness of physical tensions and habits that can affect their singing style. Students experience a comprehensive lesson plan that allows them to enhance their enjoyment and confidence of singing while having their creative spirit flourish.

We offer private singing lessons that include voice warm-up and preparation exercises. We employ methods that enhance technical skills and enable students to analyze the elements of specific songs. Each lesson is tailored to the individual singing style, stage of development, and vocal awareness of the student. We help to uncover our students’ unique singing voice and develop vocal techniques they can apply to all forms of music.

To learn more about the RMA voice lessons repertoire or schedule lessons, please call us today.