In-Home Music Lessons

Songwriting Lessons Beverly Hills

The Royal Music Academy is proud to offer contemporary songwriting lessons with our award-winning instructors. Songwriting lessons are a great way to combine the study of traditional music theory with creative writing for those who want to make their voices heard.  Highly individualized, private lessons focus on song structure, lyric content, brainstorming techniques, melody, harmony, and music theory. For up-and-coming singer/songwriters, our instructors can also give feedback on performance techniques, performance etiquette, and publicity strategy. Students are encouraged to have basic knowledge of an instrument (such as piano) to accompany themselves and demonstrate chord progressions. For this reason, students may choose to combine songwriting with an instrument lesson if they don’t have prior experience. 

Our songwriting instructors can offer expertise on varied genres including pop, rock, musical theatre, R&B, folk, and more. RMA provides personal lessons tailored exclusively for each individual student. We specialize in at-home lessons and match students with the most qualified instructor. You can set up private songwriting lessons by calling us at (310) 684-3131.